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Posted by Tom Long on Aug 30th 2023


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To Tune or Not to Tune...... That is The Question

Hello M7 Speed Family!

This month we are discussing subject near and dear to my heart. TUNES!! I receive more emails about this subject than any other. As you know, a performance tune upgrade can offer significant improvements in horsepower, torque, and let’s be honest, they make them more fun to drive. However, if you only take one thing away from this article it is this: Our MINI’s can be wonderful mysterious beasts, but trust me, a new tune is not a panacea, and many times exacerbates an already frustrating situation. I have taken some time to list a few of the most common reasons a tune could be problematic.1. **Mechanical Issues:** If a car already has mechanical problems or issues with critical components such as the engine, transmission, or in our case a supercharger or turbo, a performance tune could place additional stress on these components. Rather than enhancing performance, it could worsen existing problems.

2. **Worn Components:** Cars that have experienced significant wear and tear on vital components might not be suitable for a performance upgrade. Upgrading the engine's power output could accelerate wear on components that are already nearing the end of their lifespan, resulting in premature failures.

3. **Inadequate Supporting Mods:** A performance tune often works best when paired with other modifications such as upgraded exhaust systems, air intakes, intercoolers, superchargers or turbos. If these supporting modifications are lacking, the car might not be able to handle the increased power and performance efficiently.

4. **Poor Maintenance History:** Another MINI TRUTH….Regular maintenance is crucial for the health and longevity of these vehicles. Cars with a history of inconsistent or inadequate maintenance are at a higher risk of encountering problems with a new performance tune.

5. **Stock Components and Tuning Limits:** Some cars are designed with certain performance limits in mind. Unfortunately, MINI’s do fall into the “limited” category and attempting to push through an aggressive performance tune could lead to reliability issues.

8. **Emissions and Legal Compliance:** Some performance tunes can affect a car's emissions output, potentially causing the car to fail emissions tests or violate local emissions regulations. This could result in legal issues and difficulties in getting the car registered. One of the awesome things about an M7 MaxxBoost tune is the performance tune AND the stock tune are stored on a handheld unit and can be uploaded to the ECU when necessary.

9. **Warranty Concerns:** If your car is still under warranty, a performance tune might void certain aspects of that warranty. Manufacturers often have policies regarding modifications that could impact the original design and engineering of the vehicle. Make sure you understand the parameters of your warranty before installing a tune.
To finish up, a performance tune can give our little cars a much-needed kick in the behind, but they can also lead to issues. I can speak from actual experience as my beloved 2009 R56 JCW falls into that category. I would LOVE to get a tune, but I don’t think it’s ready. Every weekend I work on something that I believe stands in the way; only when I am satisfied will I make the jump. So, what do I do in the meantime? I use a PowerPedal!! I have determined this is a suitable, inexpensive alternative. However, if you have a tune and everything is working as designed, the PowerPedal still makes a difference. See the links below for info on the MaxxBoost family of performance tunes as well as the PowerPedal. Both are in stock and ready to go. And as always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns, I will do my best to address them.
M7 Speed has been nominated!!!
M7Speed is very proud to announce we have been nominated by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce for manufacturing the "coolest product" made in NC for our Lift Kits. We very excited for the recognition and hope to bring home the win. Voting began 8/24 so please look on Facebook, Instagram and TicTok or use the link below the to vote per day!!

All of this is made possible by our customers as during the initial nomination period the NC Chamber site was "inundated" with nominations for M7Speed. And, if you didn't know, our parts can be seen in the new Fast X movie where a couple lifted R60's with our overlanding components terrorize the Fast X team. Spoiler...they get blown up! As always my number is below so please reach out if I can help with anything.

Tom Long
M7 Speed Brand Manager


Check This Out!!! M7 Speed is on the MOVE!!!!
Well M7 Speed didn't make it to Bonneville due to a last minute weather event, But we were out and about last Month. Here are a few pics from our travels.

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