Boosted April 2023

Posted by Tom Long on Apr 3rd 2023

Boosted April 2023

Boosted  April 2023

The Monthly Newsletter of M7Speed

MINI's on the DRAGON

M7 Speed returns to the Dragon!

After a brief hiatus M7 Speed is proud to announce we will be back at MINI’s on the Dragon May 3 through 7. We will be vending and we couldn’t be happier! MOTD has turned into one of the most anticipated MINI events in the nation. Mr. Barry Patascher along his crew of volunteers and enthusiasts work very hard to make sure this event goes off without a hitch! From daily events, guided rides on the Dragon and a flurry of other activities this event should be one for the record books. If I am not mistaken I believe I saw a number of close to 500 cars that will be attending.
We will be there with a display of M7 Speed parts, tee-shirts for sale, and if the stars align, we will have a new product to be offered by M7, the Power Pedal!
We are also planning a "mixer or two" at the M7 Speed Remote Manor, (our cabin) as I am hoping to finally meet some of the folks I have been interacting with over the past few months. It looks like we will have a pretty sweet spot right on the corner of Vendors Row so make sure you stop in and say hello!

Check Out the Customer Ride of the Month!!

This month's Ride of the Month belongs to Mr. Jay Ford and his lovely wife.These happy R61 owners live in Washington State where they enjoy all things outdoors, including taking this beautiful,color matched R61 out for a tear. Jay and his wife were the first folks to take advantage of M7 Speeds color match service. You dream it, and if there is a color for it, we will make it happen!! Thanks for your support Ford Family!

M7 Speed Details for MOTD!

As you can see, we are hooked up with a GREAT spot on Vendors Row! We will be there with a display of M7 Speed parts, tee-shirts for sale, general product info, the M7Speed Lounge and if the stars align, we will have a new product; the Power Pedal!
When this product came across our R&D Desk we were HIGHLY skeptical, but that instantly turned into smiles once we installed the unit. Products like this have been on the market for some time and it seems folks either love them or hate them. We took an interest in PowerPedal because they are an Austria based company that utilizes bluetooth based technology. The installation is very similar to other "throttle" controllers and takes about 5 mins. If you have never experienced the fun factor these products add you are missing out. Stop in!!!!
Useful Links:
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M7 Speed New Product Announcement!!!!
M7 Speed is proud to announce the addition of 750cc injectors for Gen 1 MINI's. Stay tuned for a more detailed product announcement on social media.
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