Boosted July Issue

Posted by Tom Long on Jul 21st 2023

Boosted July Issue


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More Boost is not always More Better!

Hello M7 Speed Family!!!

It's another beautiful day at M7 Speed!

Lately, we have been receiving the same questions about larger turbos. It's like Groundhog Day, but instead of Bill Murray, we have countless MINI Cooper enthusiasts hoping for a magical performance boost without considering the bigger picture. So, let's dive into it and address why a larger turbo isn't always the best option.

First - a larger turbocharger alone won't work wonders on your Gen 2 MINI. It may sound tempting to bolt on a bigger turbo and expect an instant power surge, but then reality hits...hard. It's not just about slapping on a BIGGER turbo; it's about achieving a harmonious balance between various engine components. The MINI Cooper Prince (N14/N18) engine, like any other modern engine design, is a finely tuned machine. It's designed for lightweight, high efficiency and a low cost of production for a predefined power output.

Think of it this way: a larger turbo generates more compressed air flow, demanding a greater volume of fuel to maintain the optimal air-to-fuel ratio. It will NOT generate more boost pressure by itself. The engine ECU commands the wastegate to open and maintain a set boost pressure. Without upgrading the fuel delivery system, reworking the head for the increased flow from the turbo, or adjusting other critical parameters, your MINI will struggle to keep up. It's like trying to fit an elephant through a mousehole—it just won't work. Think about it, just reworking the head involves modifying the intake and exhaust ports, valve sizes, profiles to optimize airflow dynamics. These head modifications ensure that the engine can efficiently utilize the increased volume of compressed air provided by a larger turbocharger.

After reworking the head we get into adjusting the ignition timing, camshaft profiles, and optimizing the engine's fuel and electronic management system to fully exploit the turbocharger's potential. Without these modifications, a larger turbocharger will be very unresponsive (lots of turbo lag), will overwhelm the stock fuel system leading to inadequate fuel delivery, inconsistent combustion, and potentially damaging conditions like detonation or excessive exhaust back pressure. All of these issues result in diminished performance, increased stress on engine components, and reliability issues.

So, dear family, before you start daydreaming about the miracles a bigger turbo can bring, remember that it's a puzzle with multiple pieces. Upgrading your turbocharger is a great idea, but be prepared to address the supporting cast as well.

Here at M7 Speed we help our customers get reliable horsepower gains through consulting, considering the overall goal of your build and helping you invest in the proper parts. When all the components come together you can unlock the true potential of your MINI Cooper! Let us help you get there!

Next Month: Tunes - Everybody WANTS one but not everybody NEEDS one.

The New and Improved M7 Speed website is here!

As promised M7Speed is proud to announce the launch of our NEW Website ! Click on the link below to be taken to our new HOME! Highlights include: New Product Categories, Payment options, Help buttons and coming soon a Customer Car Section!
Once again we would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and loyalty. We can't wait for you to experience the new website.
Please reach out to me if you have any issues.... I am always available to help.
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M7 Speed is truly an International Company!

Here at M7 Speed we take great pride in our products and love to show them in action! This month we have had customers from across the globe send in pics of their MINI's with new M7 Parts installed. Check them out Below!

The blue F60 belongs to our friend Roz who is seen at a stop for fresh coconut water along his journey (in his M7Speed shirt) The blue F60 Hybrid Hybrid belongs to Javek who lives in Poland and the brown R60 is in Bangkok and belongs to Vasin. We LOVE our international customers!

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